My life through the lens

 september 4, 2017

Hi all! 

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog! I am super new to the blogging world, so please be patient with me as I navigate this new dealio. Also, I want to be the first to admit- I have terrible spelling and grammar. I will try a little to proof read but it doesn't do much good so just deal with it!


As someone who loves photography, I often find myself "viewing my life through a lens."  I'm constantly noticing that perfect light, bokeh in the trees, the way a shadow has created a perfect frame, sweet moments, little details--- So many things that make me wish I had my camera at that very moment!!!


While on vacations, my husband frequently asks me if I will ever put my camera down......the answer is usually "NO."  He wonders if I may be missing the real moments because I'm always trying to capture them.... valid point..... 

Some may call it a curse, some may call it a blessing....but I really do see things through the lens. However, something I have focused on this summer that made me enjoy the details even MORE, was not always looking for that perfect photo, but embracing the here and now just as it is. You know the old age line- "they grow up too fast..?" Yeah, well it is true! My kiddos are growing up right before my eyes!! When I look back at old photos of my son who is now seven, I am reminded of his flat little feet, silly little underbite and dirty fingers. These are the details I don't want to forget. Sure, a beautifully posed photo of a smiling, clean, well dressed child is fantastic---but it's those tiny details that we tend to forget as time goes on that I want to capture and cherish forever!


So, as my kids played in the dirt, ran around barefoot, splashed in the sprinklers, and ran wild in the back yard, I followed them around, played right along side them and snapped away. Soon I was building a collection I have named "10 little fingers+ Toes"  It's full of dirt, grime and authenticity and I know I will cherish these moments forever!!





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