Blogging about my life through the lens


Having  your Senior photos taken is a BIG deal! This photo session is documenting a huge milestone in your life and of course you want to look and feel your best!  Below are some tips to better prepare you and have a fun and worry free photo session! Because, after all—this is the time of your life!

What should I wear?

You definitely want to be comfy yet bring a stylish look that flatters your figure and expresses who you are! While you may want to dress up a bit, avoid anything too formal that you would not normally wear- The key to looking relaxed and natural is feeling like yourself!

here are a few tips to keep in mind while planning your wardrobe.

  • dark colors will make you appear slimmer
  • horizontal stripes will make that area of your body appear wider while vertical stripes will do the opposite
  • very busy patterns can become distracting + can fight for the focal attention of the portrait
  • Layers add interest + can easily be taken off or added to create variety without having to do a complete wardrobe change. Some examples include; scarves, cardigans, light jackets, ties + hats
  • Let your clothing tell a story- Are you heading off to college? Do you have a ee with your new mascot? How about a favorite concert tee? Are you known for having a trademarked color?


Accessories are an important element to any outfit and can add a ton of interest to a photo but be sure not to over do it!

  • watches, cufflinks, ties and hats are all great ways for males to add to their look
  • earrings, layered bracelets, necklaces + rings all tell a story


What should I bring?

  • Music!
    • Bring your favorite playlist on your IPOD or tune into your favorite Pandora station on your mobile device.  (listening to your favorite tunes will make you feel relaxed + allow you to “pose” more freely and naturally.
  • Props!!
    • This is something I like to brainstorm with my clients before hand. I suggest filling out the simple Q&A that I send over with your booking info so I can get a good idea of who you are and what types, if any props may work!—— Are you an athlete? Want to bring along your jersey or ball? How about a dancer? Grab your ballet slippers….Heading off to travel after graduation? …a vintage suitcase could be a fun way to announce your plans!
  • An open attitude!
    • Even as a photographer, I find myself to be much more confident behind the camera than in front of it. BUT please remember, this is your time to shine + I want your experience to be a whole lot of fun! I will direct you + guide you into poses, but the most  magical photos happen when the true soul is captured.  Let loose, shake it off, have fun + don’t be afraid to BE YOU!